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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Science journal week 3

Week 3 with paper balloon rocket experiment We did a experiment on balloon rocket science. I observed the balloon rocket went 2 meters along the string, with paper it moved so slow. It sounded like a dying chipmunk and a fart. The shape was crinkles and round. I think it went like this because the paper at the front stopped it from moving I am wondering where will it stop and how far will it go.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data. Today we were doing a slime experiment. Everybody dumped slime on Mr Anderson and some of the slime was hard and some was soft. We found out that if we just leave it in our hands it will run and be a liquid. But if we but if we squeeze our hands it would be a solid. We had to add more water to make it the right thickness/ liquid and added some vanilla essence because it smelt really bad. Afterwards it smelt good and then a few minutes later it smelt bad again. The slime looked like vomit because it was chunky and green/yellow. I observed the chunky oozes. In my opinion we had the best slime. For inferences I am probably multistructural because I am still learning science. In my opinion I think I improved from last year. I engaged in science at relational because I really like science because you can do so many experiments and activities. Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment We have done an experiment on a balloon rocket. I have been wondering how does the balloon move. When it’s on the rocket on the straw it moves and creates air and blasts off. I thought that the rocket was really cool. We made a lot of inferences because we expected the balloon to go a little but in a matter of fact it went very far so we were wrong.

Sunday, 9 April 2017


A responsible Citizen

Are you a role model?
If we don't have role models every body will be robbing banks or doing really bad things that will break people's hearts in my opinion. But if people do follow the rules it will be awesome and amazing, because I believe in people. I believe in you. I think my nan is a role model because she teaches me new things every time I go there, like knitting baking and things really, about everything. She also makes things for hospitals.

I personally think that anyone can be a role model, you just need to believe in yourself,  say sorry for anything bad that you have done and be brave.

Overall please be a role model, this is important because wedon't want anyone to be a bad role model for little kids.

By Nevaeh

Monday, 27 March 2017

Playing hard out at basketball

Today it is a warm, summer morning. I say to my mum “It's my first day of basketball.”
“Come on,” I say to myself, “I need to ready.” I need my cosy uniform on. My mum drives me to the YMCA. Before we get  there I have a quick bite to eat and get a bottle of water. When I arrive there I see my friends. Then the loud buzzer goes off I am first on. My mum starts embarrassing me by waving her hands and saying go Nevaeh. My team is failing by 10 points. My insides tighten,  my heart hammers harder. At the end I am relieved because it is a tie - that was a close one. ⛹️

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I am a ford

I am a Ford, silver and as shiny as can be.

I am a skyscraper, high as can be.

I am garden, shy and fresh as can be.

I am banana peeling, and slipping up .

I am a football, working with the team to score a goal.

I am a pair of bright orange sneakers, running around like crazy.

Ko Nevaeh ahau.

I am Nevaeh.